A Steel City 1904 American foursquare restoration.

This is a project/adventure my wife, families and I were on in 2009, restoring an American foursquare residential structure in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh PA, built in 1904.

Some of our dearest family members were in poor health, so we did a weekly photo documentary to allow them to follow our updates. This is that.

This week was fairly busy! I missed a day or so because I was too sick to move. Mom, Dad, and Laura came for a visit on Tuesday to see the project. Then we had dinner with Ron and Sandy. This was the best we could do for a painting […]

I bet it was loud. Today’s work was minimal, Jess and I stopped at the house today to pick up the camera, and to paint the ceilings in 2 rooms before coming back to get some dinner. Saturday, however, we got a ton of stuff done! Jessie’s aunt, uncle, and […]

Put it back together. This weekend was busy as usual. Finally we’ve reached a stage that things are going back together instead of being destroyed. Remember those niches? The glass is gone… and wires are now poking through the top archway. I installed 3 inch Xenon gimbal downlights into the […]



The weekend of holes. We did wiring and plumbing. There are several areas with giant holes in the floors and walls. The plumber came and started to add new drains and supply lines for the bathroom on the 2nd floor. This hole is directly below the bathroom. A leaky box […]

The weekend of destruction is over. On Saturday, Phil came over and we tore out the plaster and lath in the kitchen, and the wall between the bathroom and master bedroom. Also, the sink, cabinets, lights, trim, and vanity from the bathroom were removed. On Sunday, we started with a […]

What a MESS! This weekend of March 15th and 16th 2009 was insulation day. The age of the house (and some probing) indicated that there was no insulation inside the walls. Being that many of the walls needed to be patched and re-painted, we decided on blowing recycled fiber insulation into […]

Closing time, get to work! We signed papers yesterday (Monday March 9th 2009), and began renovations on the house shortly after. It was pretty tough work, so when we ran out of light it was time to quit. On the previous post, I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen! […]

No water, power, or heat. Just potential. This post provides some images from the initial walkthrough we performed on February 19th 2009. The house was very cold as there was no power/water/heat. Initial visit was to gain an idea for the estimated repairs. Heather and AJ give their approval of the niches […]