Drywall and downlights.

Put it back together.

This weekend was busy as usual. Finally we’ve reached a stage that things are going back together instead of being destroyed.


Remember those niches? The glass is gone… and wires are now poking through the top archway.


I installed 3 inch Xenon gimbal downlights into the top of the archway, Now when we put artwork in the niches we can control the lighting more accurately.


Mike and I framed this window in and cut drywall to match


After some fiberglass mesh and some drywall tape and mud, these are really starting to shape up.


Here are the lights with them angled at 90 degrees (straight down) they can swivel to 30 degrees and stay recessed. The right one is out for patching around the trim.


Ron and Mike patched the hole where the soil pipe was removed.


The fireplace was opened and cleaned out this week, it seems solid and safe, just needs some love. Also, if anyone has an extra gas burner, we need that too!


The dressing room is getting smoother and less cracked!


The new tub is in the guest room, this week it goes to its home in the new wall.


Ron gets ready to put in the housing for the recessed shower light.


The destruction on today’s episode of This Old House were brought to you by Milwaukee SawZall. It cuts through anything.



Here is where the mirror and sink will sit, 2 wall lights go where these boxes are.


It must be springtime, the trampled, poorly maintained flower-bed in the back of the house shows signs of life.

Well, this week we get measured for carpet, and the plumber comes to finish the pipes and water lines. The wiring should be just about done, and the dressing room and guest room should be ready to be primed!

Moving along at a great pace.

Steady as she goes.