The Fairview finish line. This update is years in the future from the post about carpet. We enjoyed so many fond memories in the Fairview house. Several holidays with friends and family, massive snowstorms that halted the city for days and constant home improvements. Once, a raccoon moved in under […]

Two new calendars. It’s been a while since the last update, we’re finally pushing to wrap up the outside of the house. It’s springtime in Pittsburgh, meaning it’s time to get to work outside! We acid-washed the old Alcoa aluminum siding and used some great sage colored paint for the […]

It’s smells like carpet in here. This update is a little late, as my computer has been packed up. As of these pictures, we’re officially ready to start moving in. Updates from here on out will be as we finish the kitchen, dining and living rooms. By finish I mean […]

Tick. Tick. Tick. This weekend marks the final weekend before the flooring deadline. We need to be completely done with painting/construction by this Thursday! This week had a lot of other events too… Collin’s birthday and graduation party was last Friday, Valerie and family came to visit, the Penguins won […]

Things are coming together. Carpet has been scheduled. The deadline for all other projects is now Thursday June 18th. Mom and Dad came down and helped on Saturday! They were in town for Collin’s graduation. Congrats Collin! Also, Jessie and Dad had a birthday this weekend! Jess was Saturday and Dad […]

Part Two: Harry Potter and the Order of the Tuscan Glaze As promised, here is the second set of pictures from the recent update. The problem with using 2 different cameras seems to be remembering where the pictures are. As I briefly mentioned, we built bookcases, trimmed windows and doors, […]

Part One: Harry Potter and the Built-In Bookcases It was another two-week long wait for updates, we’ve kicked it into high gear to prepare for carpet. However, working every night leaves little energy for website code. In any case, here is PART ONE of the update, The rest is on […]

I’m sorry! I am a week behind on posting new pictures. It’s been a very busy fortnight. Last Saturday, Ron and I prepped the front of the house for major surgery. We installed new windows and basically tore the front of the house off and rebuilt it. Sunday, I went […]


All wet.

All wet.
Ok, go. Wait, I hear something…. STOP! TURN IT BACK OFF! This weekend was very busy even without the house project. Jessica and I worked a charity event to work to raise money for the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. It was Totally Awesome 80s Bash part II, tiring, but a great […]

Watch the margins. This week was pretty busy, We got a new front door, a screen door, found the tiles we need for the bathroom, moved more kitchen cabinets, fixed more walls, and threw some more paint. I came home from work to start an evening’s project, and noticed this […]