Pinball Machine

This section is a build log of the restoration of a recovered 1977 Bally Eight Ball pinball machine.

I acquired the machine in a non-functional state and repaired/upgraded it with some vintage and modern hardware.


Better Photos

I should really buy a flash. I decided to set up the Nikon and take some marginally better photos of…

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The parts I ordered came this week. New rubber pieces. A new lock. More #44 light bulbs. A new ball.…

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Some Details

...just a few interesting details: Here, I took some detail photos to show off some of the design elements of…

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Eight ball brochure banner

Information about the machine

Interesting facts from the Internet Pinball Database. Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983) Project Date: January 17, 1977 Date Of Manufacture:…

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Break shot lane target

Initial Findings and moving the machine.

Just picked up the 1977 Bally Eight Ball machine yesterday February 21st 2009. Here are the initial observations. This is a…

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