A splash of color.

This week was fairly busy!

I missed a day or so because I was too sick to move. Mom, Dad, and Laura came for a visit on Tuesday to see the project. Then we had dinner with Ron and Sandy.


This was the best we could do for a painting light for Sandy to work as the flood lamp was on another floor.


Ron and I started to remodel the kitchen this weekend. We started by tearing out the cabinets.


We’re re-using the cabinets, just redesigning the layout. The stove will go here, and a cabinet needs to be built for above the hood.


I learned how to texture walls this weekend.

So bumpy.


Ella came to help Jessica paint.


The third floor walls are almost completely primed now. Jess, Ella, and Aunt Karin painted like crazy up there.


Jess paints up high, Ella paints down low…

Don’t go in that hole. Ella, there be dragons.


…and Karin paints the details.


The bedroom is now ready to be mudded and sanded, finally progress in this room. It’s been a staging area for the second floor’s projects.


Jessie’s Dressing room will have white shelving/rack units built on the walls, this rich purple is the background color.


It needs several coats because its so thick!


I like the contrast of the white trim and ceiling with the crazy purple. We ran out of this color and it needs another coat, off to home depot on Monday!


The girls coated the guest room in this sunny yellow, it looks so bright and cheery in there, much better than the dingy brownish yellow that it was.


Even those lonely flowers thought it was time for some color.