All wet.

Ok, go.

Wait, I hear something….


This weekend was very busy even without the house project. Jessica and I worked a charity event to work to raise money for the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. It was Totally Awesome 80s Bash part II, tiring, but a great time overall. Jess came home with jewelry, so it must have been a success.

As far as the house goes, on Saturday morning, Ron and I made a journey to the landfill to properly dispose of construction debris. Still several more loads to go, but a little better.

We tried to charge the furnace boiler and baseboard radiators for the first time, the front zone where we found the broken L pipe went first. It held pressure. So we left it overnight to see if there were any leaks.

Sunday morning, the front zone held pressure all night. So we tried for the back zone…

Leak #1


We found a huge leak under the kitchen floor, in the crawlspace, It was too narrow to crawl any farther, so we had to cut the kitchen floor out.


This pipe had blown the soldered joint right out. Why are these not insulated? We’ll have to do that before we close the hole back up.

Leak #2


This pipe was above the kitchen ceiling, found it when dirty water (shown in background) began cascading down the kitchen wall.

Leak #3


This leak was in the floor of the purple room, spraying more water into the kitchen ceiling and that bedroom floor.

At this point I also learned that the old natural gas line framework in the house was electrified. I got a pretty good arc from touching the gas line and the water lines with a screwdriver shaft.

Leak #4


This was the heater in the guest room, it was nice enough to break above the floor in this section.

Leak #5


Same heater different section of pipe.

Leak #6


Here’s another under the floor of the guest room.

Leak #7


So much for saving the hardwood.


Every time we found a leak the system had to be quickly purged of its pressure so it didn’t ruin the house. We had to pull the plugs out of this 1.5 inch pipe in the basement. Ron and I got pretty wet.


Not everything was doom and gloom though, here’s Miranda helping to prep these walls for primer, in the master bedroom.


Since I have a staggering lack of pictures this week from the busy-ness and the chaos, here’s a picture of shadow escaping from the deck, she figured out how to open the latched gate.