Carpet and ready for move-in!

It’s smells like carpet in here.

This update is a little late, as my computer has been packed up.

As of these pictures, we’re officially ready to start moving in. Updates from here on out will be as we finish the kitchen, dining and living rooms.

By finish I mean settle in. We will be on vacation next week so there will be little progress, and I can’t wait for that!


This is the color we went with, it looks nice, feels very soft and doesn’t snag or stain very easily.


This is the first time shadow gets to run free in the house, she was so excited that she was crying.


The carpet had little yarn fuzzies at first, so we had to sweep everything.


The dining room, I’m surprised how quiet the rooms are with carpet.


There are so many new things to smell.


The living room, with shadow still running around sniffing everything.


The carpet is transitioned in this doorway to the tile.


We decided on full carpet on the stairs, and I’m glad we did


I like the way the carpet feels, we got the extra squishy padding.


Shadow approves of the carpet, she has less trouble running on it.


This way she can monitor the upstairs and the downstairs at the same time.


Now we’re ready to put up the shelves and rods for Jess’s Dressing Room.


The guest room is almost ready to have guests! Although, we don’t have the furniture for in here yet…