Big Progress: Pt. II

Part Two: Harry Potter and the Order of the Tuscan Glaze

As promised, here is the second set of pictures from the recent update. The problem with using 2 different cameras seems to be remembering where the pictures are.

As I briefly mentioned, we built bookcases, trimmed windows and doors, and did a bunch of painting.


Here are the bookcases with a coat of paint. Laura came over and helped us on this.


I installed the new light and fan in the living room.


The mantle looked a little barren, so I got some extra millwork for it.


We recycled the original casing from around the house where we took out doors and windows, and made it fit the bay.


JustĀ a few simple angles cut and Ron was able to allow the casing to retain it’s original face shape but become a corner piece.


Even though the bay windows aren’t original, they look like they fit the design since we used this original woodwork.


We reused the original casing on this window too, and the original sill, (there is however another piece waiting to go on here, under the sill).


Sandy painted the trim in the bathroom.


We also put a coat or two of paint on the hallways. The color is called Aqua Breeze.


Here is the new light fixture for the upstairs hallway, its a platinum/gunmetal sort of finish. Goes great with the light blue on the walls.


We wanted the dining room to be fairly formal, so we went with a Tuscan glaze on the walls.


First we had to put on a Wheat colored base coat. Then Jess and Amy used a technique to put the glaze on.


It uses the base coat, and 3 other colors of glaze/stain which are dry brushed onto the roughly textured plaster.


The light and dark colors fill into the texture and create a really nice depth.


Ella helped Jess finish the trim and fine details.


Here it is, it’s still masked for the painting of the trim.


The inside of the built in is also now a dark glossy walnut color.


The girls did a fantastic job on this room, its almost complete! Just a bit more trim to paint!

We’re almost there!