Lubuntu 16.04, MAME 0.179, and Attract-mode 2.20 on older hardware: We’re still using the old HP DV9700 series entertainment laptop. Here are some details: Manufacturer Hewlett Packard Model DV9700  Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83GHz Memory 3GB DDR2 SDRAM Hard Drive 250GB 7200RPM (Replaced with new) Media BluRay […]

It’s been some time since an update on the Quasicade. It’s been sitting in the garage lonely. We’ve got family coming for the holidays so I figured I’d bring it out and get it running. Then, I remembered the pain points. It ran windows under all that hyperspin. I’d always […]

You got a quarter? Someone mentioned to me the other day that I’ve not posted on the Quasicade in a LONG TIME. I guess I should post a little something. Here’s a video of the current setup and operation. I’m toying with the idea of beefing up the hardware a […]

This update is quite delayed, as I temporarily loaned the build camera to someone. I got it back, here’s another update. I ordered a custom bezel and marquee for the Quasicade from http://www.gameongrafix.com/ I had a mixed experience.

MAME is amazing at what it does, Emulation. But by itself it doesn’t quite give you that “arcade machine” feel. It’s designed to be operated using a keyboard and mouse. This is where the Front End comes in. There are several options for front ends online: Maximus Arcade MameWAH GameEX […]

I spent a bit more time bringing the pieces of the cabinet together. The monitor support with the flat panel mount was installed to a 3/4 inch piece of plywood, and attached to the original CRT mounting bracket.

The most important part of this project is the control panel. While MAME is able to emulate all of the major controllers, like Wheels, pedals, flight sticks, trackballs, spinners, and joysticks. I’ve decided to build a 2 player fighter/shooter/scroller configuration.

The Atari primal rage cabinet featured Atari CAGE: Total Immersion Audio. This meant it had 4″ stereo speakers above the screen and a sub-woofer in the lower cabinet next to the coin doors.