Marquee installed and Dreams achieved

This update is quite delayed, as I temporarily loaned the build camera to someone. I got it back, here’s another update.

I ordered a custom bezel and marquee for the Quasicade from I had a mixed experience.

I’m very pleased with the Marquee, they did a fantastic job, first try. I’ll show you that install in this post. The bezel however, did not come out so great. When you order a bezel, the website at GameOnGrafix gives you a word file as a measurement template. You measure the width and height, then the distance to all sides for the cutout. I did, and triple checked it. When I sent it in, it was around $60 for the bezel. Some time passed and they emailed me that it was being shipped. Great!

The bezel arrived with the center intact, with a blocked area to be cut out (they ship better with the center, as not to damage the outside edges). When I held it up to the screen, it looked like it was cut for a 17″ LCD 4:3 nowhere near the right size for my 23″ 16:9. I emailed support for GameOnGrafix. He apologized, I reconfirmed my template and sent it back to him. I waited several weeks and the new one arrived. This one was closer, but still way off. I’m not sure what the problem was. Whether user or mechanical, I finally just ate the cost of the bezel and masked it and painted it.

It was kind of a waste of money.

Here are the pics of the new progress:

The back of the vinyl is slightly adhesive, so I used a decal squeegee to install it to the marquee glass. Make sure to get all those bubbles out.

It’s a little weird for the adhesive to be on the back of the marquee, as now it’s outside the glass.

The machine looks more complete with a marquee.

This is where the bezel was supposed to go, to mask the insides of the cabinet along the sides of the screen. Due to the printing issues, I’ve decided to prep and paint the back of it.

I started with the screen edges, masking them so the very edge of the actual LCD bezel was under the mask, without losing pixel space.

I had some friends coming to play the machine that night, so I just masked the whole area off.

Already shaping up so well. It finally looks pretty legit. Time to find some quarters.

Then it happened, a childhood dream was fulfilled. Two girls, playing Mortal Kombat II on an arcade machine that I built.

More pictures coming soon. More progress has been achieved, but other larger projects have taken away from documentation of this one.

Stay tuned.