On a diet.

This cabinet was fairly massive, as it originally had a full size CRT in it. Arcade purists will say its the only way to go to get the “feel” of an arcade game.
That being said, I’m trying to make this monster lighter, and thinner. I have no problem putting a midrange LCD screen in the cabinet, it runs cooler, and takes far less power.
The monitor install will be covered later, lets check out the cabinet.

The cabinet was originally 25″w and 38″d (from the back to the edge of the control panel). It was nearly impossible to get down the stairs to the cave.
I marked the cabinet off around the back, removing about 10 inches.

After some heavy lifting, flipping, and dangerous powersaw work, the cabinet lost about 70 pounds of MDF and plywood from its frame.

I also decided move the original back pieces into place, to save on materials.

I used liquid nails and trim strips to close in the sub-woofer box to keep the noise down and to keep the bass clean.

I also added 2″ heavy duty locking casters to the bottom. These were about $4 each at Home Depot, it makes it SO much easier to move around, and the locks keep it from moving when its in place.